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Re: [Healeys] coolant sensor nut

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Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2019 09:46:11 -0500
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This is another of those many locations where I like to use Teflon tape to
prevent seizing of the nut to its mating threads due to corrosion, mineral
deposits, etc. 

Steve Byers
BJ8 Registry
AHCA Delegate at Large
Havelock, NC  

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I do the same, but add a hose clamp around the cut in the socket so it 
won't spread around the nut when pressure is applied. Works for me. DP
On 2/6/2019 8:40 PM, healeymanjim wrote:
> i took a good quality long 5/8 socket and cut a slot in it about one and a
half inches long.  i always soak the nut for a few
> days in penetrating oil.  still have a problem sometimes and have to work
it back and forth carefully to keep from stripping
> the nut.


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