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Date: Sat, 5 Oct 1996 22:38:01, -0500
        Notes and comments from the past weeks' conversations:

MGB FRONT CRANKSHAFT PULLEY:  Excessive wear or rust on the seal surface
can be corrected by fitting a CR (Chicago Rawhide) Speedi Sleeve available
from your local bearing or truck parts store.  We use Detroit Ball Bearing.

OIL CONSUMPTION:  Engine oil consumption is cause by leaks or burning.  If
the engine leaks, it is very evident by the oil slick on the floor.  Oil
burning is caused by: pressurised engine; faulty valve guide seals; or
faulty rings.  Ensure that the engine can breath between the oil filler cap
and the front tappet inspection cover.  Burning through the valve guide
seals evidences itself at idle and deceleration (CLOUDS of smoke). Fit
Felpro SS70373 umbrella oil seals (for the MGA and MGB) - this can be done
without removing the head. But, sadly, most oil burning is caused by bad
oil control rings. Fitting rings/rod bearings/pump to an MGA or MGB is
about a ten hour job.  At my shop the whole job is about $800.

BRAKE HOSES:  While the exterior of Lockheed hoses may crack and
disintegrate, it is the INSIDE DIAMETER which gives the greatest problem.
These flex lines collapse over time.  Master cylinder pressure easily
pushes the fluid through the line, but wheel cylinder/caliper pressure is
not enough to return the fluid, hence the brakes remain ON for a while.
This is also, frequently, true with the clutch line.

WIPER MOTOR REPAIRS:  The same old rules apply.  Clean everything
thoroughly, and it will work.  If the armature is burned, find a shop to
rewind it.  Give up?  My shop does wiper motor repairs.

MILES PER GALLON:  Expect 25mpg in all MGs, but Strombergs, in the right
circumstance, can give much greater figures.  If the figures are low,
ensure a good tune -- and CHANGE THE CARB NEEDLES and JETS.

PAINTING WIRE WHEELS:  When we repaint wires we: remove the tire, tube, and
"rubber band;" sandblast the rim; coat with self etching primer; paint with
1976 Ford Grenada Silver; clearcoat; remount and balance.  It's a lot of

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