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Fall colours in Ottawa, Ont., Canada

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Subject: Fall colours in Ottawa, Ont., Canada
From: "Bruce.Milne" <>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 08:58:44 -0400
A blanket message to all those out there who have asked the group for
advice as to whether to sell your MG:

The end of the season is approaching here in Ottawa, so my wife and I
cut short a family Thanksgiving visit (Canada, eh?) to go for a rip in
one of our '71B roadsters yesterday.  Top down and freshly tuned, the
exhaust note was so perfect that we just left the radio off.  It is
getting chilly here (5 degrees C), so my wife had a driving blanket over
her legs, and I had to pull out the leather driving gloves.  

>From Ottawa, it is a 10 minute drive to the Gatineau hills, where some
great driving can be found on smooth roads with lots of switchbacks.
After 25 years here, I can still find a new and exciting road to explore
every time out.  This time, we found a windy little country road where
the maples had grown to create a canopy over the road.  In the bright
afternoon sun, it was lit up in a blaze of colour which reflected
dramatically off the Arctic White hood of the B.  We felt like an MG ad
from 1971!  Only this time of year can you look in the mirror and see
the leaves curling up behind you in the draft of your speeding MG.  Not
to jinx her, but the B ran perfectly throughout- all that care and
effort through the summer gets rewarded in spades on a day like this.
In all, it was a perfect ending to a long weekend.  

So what's the point?  In short, if there was ever any question of
parting with your MG, go for a fall colours tour to remind you what it's
all about.... then there's really no decision to be made, is there?
Just my 2 cents.

Bruce Milne
Kanata, Ont. Canada
2x 1971 B roadsters

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