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Re: Newsletter Names

Subject: Re: Newsletter Names
From: (Paul D Kile)
Date: 26 Jun 97 06:49:00 PDT
Here are some good ones I know of:

The local Sacramento British club (United British Sports Car Club) 
calls their newsletter "Oilspots"

Another MG club (I forget where they are located) uses "Valve 
Clattre", another club uses "Mowog Murmors"

A Lotus club calls their newsletter "Stress Cracks"

Our Club uses the rather prosaic title of "MG Type", however this 
leaves us in a good position to do an April Fools special edition 
entitled "MG Hype".

Cheers, PK


Paul D. Kile

(916) 355-5162
GenCorp Aerojet
POB 13222
Dept 5784 Building 20019
Sacramento, California 95813-6000

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