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Re: Midget Jack Locations

To: Mark Endicott <>
Subject: Re: Midget Jack Locations
From: Robert Allen <>
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 1997 09:51:42 +0100
Mark Endicott wrote:
> Can I jack up the back of the
> car at the spring box, then remove the wheel then jack it up more and
> put the stands under the rear axle?  Then jack up the front and put the
> stands under the frame.  I have never had all four wheels off the ground
> at once.  Suggestions appreciated.

Since no one else posted nothing, I'll respond. I, for one, have at
various times, had several different cars completely supported by jack
stands for weeks at a time in my garage. It ain't no big deal.

Also, the Midget is very light. You'll have less than 600 pounds on any
one jackstand. No big deal. Just be careful.

I always placed the two rear jackstands right on the leaf spring front
mounts. I put the front jackstands just aft of the front tires on the
unibody frame rail. When I spend much time under the car, I leave the
hydaulic jack extended right about in the center of the car in case
something bad happens.

Truly, spending solitary time on your back gazing up at your favorite
obsession is one of those bonding moments you need to experience.

Bob Allen, Kansas City, "off to the garage"

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