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RE: Tire Removal - is it possible

To: "Adrian Jones" <>,
Subject: RE: Tire Removal - is it possible
From: "doug russell" <>
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 97 20:26:33 UT
Why??  Having the local shop dismount the tires is pretty quick and 
inexpensive (about 30 seconds and $5 per tire).  Sounds like you need to make 
sure the rubber band around the inner surface of the wires is in good shape or 
perhaps your tubes are in poor condition, maybe even your wires are at fault.  
Either way, I can't imagine changing tires without one of those tire machines. 
 Perhaps you have too much time on your hands??  Where do you live??? Here's 
an idea, I'll give you $20 to get your tires dismounted and you work on my 
lbcs for a day or two (the amount of time I'm guessing it will take you to get 
the tires off with tire irons).  I have plenty of lbc work that needs to be 
done and no time!!!!!  Hey, I'll even throw in a 6 pack of your favorite cold 
ones (of course you will be required to consumes these on your own time after 
you've completed the work)!!

Dr. Doug
69 C Rdst
69 C GT
69 B Rdst

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Subject:        Tire Removal - is it possible

Hi folks,

Well, I went outside yesterday and the poor Midget has another
flat tire.

I was about to start the trek down to the nearest garage when
a thought struck me!  Doh!

Is it possible to get the tire off, fix/ replace the inner tube and repla=
the tire on my own?  Of course I would need to get a set of tire
irons (do they still sell those things) but it would be worth it.
You wouldn't believe how many flat tires I've had on these
wire wheels.  It looks like the valve has gone this time.
Besides I'm planning on repainting all the wheels and if I could get
the tires off the rims I could do a better job.

What do you think?   Is it a real pain in the butt?

Much appreciate any thoughts,   Adrian

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