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Re: tach question, plus more

Subject: Re: tach question, plus more
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 1999 10:43:26 EDT
In a message dated 9/3/99 11:29:26 AM SA Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> Also, what do you folks carry around in your boots, in case of breakdown,
>  problems, or other MG surprises?  So far, I've collected a socket set, two
>  screwdrivers, two wrenches, the jack, and the spare tire.  Also, two quarts
>  oil, fix-a-flat, and a bottle of antifreeze.  Any other recommendations?

One of Murphy's laws is: "If you have the spare with you AND the tool(s) to 
install it, this item will not be the cause of your breakdown"
Usually I carry points, condenser, plugs, LT lead (the little black wire in 
the distributor), fuses.  I also carry my small tool box with full set of 3/8 
sockets, a full set of combo wrenches, lots of various sized screwdrivers, 
and a few pliers.  A test light or multimeter can be a lifesaver, and I never 
leave home without my Bentley manual.  Embarking on a long trip I will 
sometimes add more, but I rarely carry oil or Antifreeze.  The reason for 
this is 1.  A spill is MESSY and 2.  This stuff is available just about 
Rick Ewald

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