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Future of hobby

Subject: Future of hobby
From: "Steven C. Zabel" <>
Date: Tue, 07 Sep 1999 00:10:43 EDT
These are the beliefs that:
> 1. LBC's are difficult and expensive to work on.
> 2. That parts are hard to find.
> 3. That lbc's can not be used as daily drivers.

HA!  I'm 21 and breaking ALL the rules!  Thanks in part to everyone here,
of course.  
Not only that, It's my first car.  (I'd hate to follow the herd...  THEY
make payments.)

>Every place I go, I have people tell me how much they like them and 
>how they would love to own one

All the stories I hear are from my parents' friends... always wanted one,
used to have one, wish they didn't sell theirs.  The problem is, it's all
of THEIR heads that turn when I drive by.  (Not quite the chick-magnet
effect I had in mind, but fun to drive nonetheless.)

Fort Wayne, IN
'76 B

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