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Re: MGF in America

Subject: Re: MGF in America
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 09:27:29 EDT
This matter was discussed in the June/July issue of MG World. Some listers 
may not have access to this magazine, so I'll put an end to this rumor before 
it gets too far out of hand:

The following are quotes from Chris Lee, product development director-MG & 

'Chris Lee offers little hope to North American MG enthusiasts of seeing a 
version of the 'F. "We have looked at it in the past," Lee confirms, "but it 
would be a very expensive piece of work, and I have to say that the decisions 
taken so far have been against it. However, if you open up the time horizons, 
and talk about MG in a more strategic basis, then the relaunch of MG in the 
USA is absolutely dead-centre. In fact, it is now almost impossible to 
conceive of an MG product strategy that doesn't include the US market. The 
MGF was the result of very clever thinking and innovative investment and cost 
arrangements, and to have made the car US-legal would have added a lot more 
expense to the programme; probably to the point where it might not have 
gotten the go-ahead. But, from now on, in the strategic framework, sports 
cars and the US market have to go together."

So James, we may not get the MGF, but it looks certain that some kind of MG 
will eventually make it to our shore.

78 Midget

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