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Dash Pad Covers

Subject: Dash Pad Covers
From: Bob Holton <>
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 17:18:09 -0400
Greetings to the List from Southern Ontario,

I've been slowly replacing or refurbishing bits in the cockpit of my 80 LE,
and I've come to my dash, who's top has one crack from front to just before
the drop into the cockpit.  I have looked at products offered by Moss and V.B.

Moss # 413-905

V.B. # 15-130

Both prices are close.  I'm wondering if anyone out there in MG land has
had experience with these products.  Any constructive advise concerning
them will be most welcome.  Rants will be avoided.

The knowledge of this List has not let me down yet. 

"A closed mouth gathers no feet"  Anon.

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