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Re: Dash Pad Covers

To: Bob Holton <>
Subject: Re: Dash Pad Covers
From: Carl Elliott <>
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 20:07:27 -0400
I have used a dash cover on both my midget and BGT. They are good.
Just do a little fitting and trim where necc, Carl E.

Bob Holton wrote:

> Greetings to the List from Southern Ontario,
> I've been slowly replacing or refurbishing bits in the cockpit of my 80 LE,
> and I've come to my dash, who's top has one crack from front to just before
> the drop into the cockpit.  I have looked at products offered by Moss and V.B.
> Moss # 413-905
> V.B. # 15-130
> Both prices are close.  I'm wondering if anyone out there in MG land has
> had experience with these products.  Any constructive advise concerning
> them will be most welcome.  Rants will be avoided.
> The knowledge of this List has not let me down yet.
> bh
> "A closed mouth gathers no feet"  Anon.

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