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Re: Honda Roadster-Reply

To: "Enrique Claure" <>,
Subject: Re: Honda Roadster-Reply
From: "Scotty" <>
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 10:15:24 +0930
On Monday, 13 September 1999 Enrique wrote
Subject: Re: Honda Roadster

>A porsche Boxter starts out at 43000$, BMW Z3 31000$,
>Honda S2000, 32000$. So thats about it as far as
>prices go. Enrique

I saw the Honda for the first time this week in Adelaide, two already,
and both Black. Compared to the Porsche & Beemer the Honda won
the desirability contest Hands down, IMHO-YMMV-natch.
All of them are to expensive for my modest means so my MGB remains
my favorite. :-) Eric hit the nail on the head also, I bet, when he
mentioned the servicing and maintenence aspect of owning 'modern' sports/fun
Gotta go wash the 'B' for a club run this Sunday, TTFN.

'79-MGB-LE-Daily driver.
'33-MG-J2-Restoration project.

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