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Re: Birth Date (was Which Grille)

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Subject: Re: Birth Date (was Which Grille)
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 17:16:32 +0100
If you have a number GHD5 278685 that is not a commision number but the
car/serial number/VIN and is the one you are looking for.  That car was bult
between Jan 72 and Aug 72, according to Clausager.

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Date: 21 September 1999 13:49
Subject: Re: Birth Date (was Which Grille)

>Hi Max,
>Grateful thanks for that.
>I've had a quick look for the s/n and all I can find is what appears to
>be a broken-off
>tag on the left (from rear) inner wing. What remains is a 1" x 1.25"
>piece of body weight metal with a broken edge.
>There's no immediate sign of a stamped-in number on the body but I
>haven't looked very hard yet.
>The commission No. came from the MOT certificate and is prefixed GHD5
>making mine car no. 278685. My manuals refer to
>GHN5 and GHD5 cars.
>The engine was uprated to Special Tuning 'Pluspac' spec. but I think the
>engine may be original. The number is just discernible,
>it's 18V 528F 114451-the car has overdrive.
>I reckon I'll have to wait for the registration document. This will at
>least say when the car was first registered.
>Thanks again for your help,
>Dave Hill.
>Max Heim wrote:
>> Aha! So that's the problem. The serial number plate should be on the
>> inner wing valance, forward of the radiator, on the left hand side when
>> viewed from the front of the car looking back under the bonnet. Look
>> beneath the diagonal radiator diaphragm support bracket. The serial
>> number is labelled "Car No.".
>> If you see two little screw holes but no plate, well, you can always look
>> for the body number, which is not much better documented than the
>> commission number, but at least has a slightly predictable numeric
>> relationship. One position for the body number plate is supposedly on the
>> opposite inner wing valance. On my 66 roadster it is located on the
>> (driver's left hand) inner wing, just forward of the rectangular opening
>> opposite the rear carburetor. The plate is a slender strip and the number
>> is prefixed with the letters MGB (or GBUD for GTs?). The body numbers get
>> much higher than the serial numbers due to the fact they re-started the
>> series every year at a convenient, higher number (even 100,000s).
>> The Moss catalog chart shows the body numbers for 72 GTs starting in May
>> 71 at GBUD/620101, ending 8/72 with the first 1973 car, GBUD/720101.
>> There is a slight chance that you have a serial number stamped into the
>> body structure. Some export cars had it stamped inside the front right
>> hand side member in the engine compartment just behind the front engine
>> mount, adjacent to the starter motor. Some cars had it stamped in the
>> floor pan in front of the right hand seat. And others had it stamped in
>> the floor of the boot. US cars also had a plate in the left hand door
>> sill area, and one on top of the dash, readable through the windscreen.
>> If you think the car has the original engine, the engine number would be
>> a valuable clue. 1972 model year Bs (roadster & GTs) begin with
>> 18V/584Z/L101 (non-overdrive) or 18V/585Z/L101 (with overdrive).
>> One thing I'm curious about is where you got that commission number. My
>> reference suggests that for a 72 GT it should be in the format
>> G23D######Z, with a 6-digit number, not a 7-digit number (which massively
>> exceeds the total number of MGs ever made). 72 GTs theoretically began
>> with 047002.
>> That about exhausts what I can contribute on the subject. Hope it

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