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Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 02:02:09 -0400
My MGC came from his museum storage area. It sat from 1976 to whenever they
had the auction to get rid of his collection, 2002-03-04? I bought it from
Carrol's of Manchester, NH. They bought it at the auction according Mr.
Carrol. It had 29,500 miles on the speedo.
69 MGC Tourer #8808 Origination Boston, Mass. I still have the last DOP
sticker on the windshield dated 1975.
69 MGC
70 MGB
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  My, how quickly the shakers and movers in the early USA MG days have
  faded away.

  Gerry Gogen was the creator and owner of Abindon Spares and also started
  the MG museum in Walpole, NH. He WAS a GENTLEMAN in every respect. How
  many of you kney that he was a trumpet player in the Boston Pops
  Orchestra under the direction of the great Arthur Fiedler?

  As Gerry toured the US with the Boston Pops back in the 60's, and 70's,
  he would check every town they were in for an MG dealer. He'd ask for
  old stock, make a deal for what they had, and had it shipped back to NH.
  So, back in the 60's and early 70's when you ordered from Abingdon, you
  most likely got NOS. I remember visiting back about 1973 and getting a
  "tour" of the warehouse. Then it was down in a basement of some sort I
  recall.  AT least you had to go down a bunch of stairs to it. He had
  half dozen or so used TC frames, sheet metal etc. all stacked up. Also
  sitting there was what I think was a J4 that he was restoring. It even
  showed the damage done during it's last race when it lost a wheel.

  Those were the days my friends,


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