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Re: Brake Trouble! UPDATE!

To: "John Roberts" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Brake Trouble! UPDATE!
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 09:22:44 +0100
I can't remember what went before this, in what way don't the brakes stop 
the car?  Does the pedal go to the floor?  Is it solid but offers no 
retardation?  Or what?

For a start the rears offer very little retardation, the vast majority of 
the braking effort is at the front.  Do you have a servo?  Is it working? 
The servo in the combined master and servo has a very significant effect on 
braking effort unlike the remote servo which has very little.  I only have 
the remote type but have driven one with it disabled and after the first 
push of the pedal to see what effect it had had never noticed it again.  But 
others have said if the combined servo is disabled it does make the car much 
more difficult to stop.

Are you getting strong fluid flow from both caliper bleed nipples?

Is this car new to you and always been like it?  If so have you another MGB 
to compare it with?  They do need more pedal pressure than a modern car. 
Did this develop with a previous braking system? Did you embark on some 
refurbishment and this is the result?


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>I just wanted to let everyone know where I am with my brake troubles.

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