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Re: plastic screws or rivets ?????

Subject: Re: plastic screws or rivets ?????
From: Ed Van Scoy <>
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 13:58:46 -0700
Home Base has them here, also, you will find them at a well-stocked Ace
Ed wrote:

> Inside my microwave oven attached to the roof is a panel that covers up the
> 'goods'.  It's held in place by little plastic snap in rivet 'thingys'.
> They have over the years become brittle and broken leaving the panel to sag
> down on one side...I wouldn't think I could use metal screws as they might
> bend my microwaves ??? and then my food will come out crookedly cooked.
> Any suggestions where I might find some rivets/screws/thingys that will
> work ???  they look like maybe # 10 or #12 size ???
> Any other suggestions (that would be useful) for a fix ???
> already looked at home help there...
> I, as usual, bow to your expertise gentlemen
> john

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