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Re: plastic screws or rivets ?????

Subject: Re: plastic screws or rivets ?????
From: Mike Lee - Team Banana Racing <>
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 13:08:51 -0800
>Inside my microwave oven attached to the roof is a panel that covers up the
>'goods'.  It's held in place by little plastic snap in rivet 'thingys'.
>They have over the years become brittle and broken leaving the panel to sag
>down on one side...I wouldn't think I could use metal screws as they might
>bend my microwaves ??? and then my food will come out crookedly cooked.
>Any suggestions where I might find some rivets/screws/thingys that will
>work ???  they look like maybe # 10 or #12 size ???

Try Ace Hardware in their little slide-out bin areas (one of those plastic
screw caps might work), or an autoparts store (look in the "Help!" brand
section for car interior widgets, or wherever they might carry auto interior
panel fasteners).

Good luck,

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