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Re: plastic screws or rivets ?????

To: Eric Murray <>, shop-talk <>
Subject: Re: plastic screws or rivets ?????
From: "B. Vibert" <>
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2000 11:44:34 -0500

Eric Murray wrote:

> I was please to discover the other week that my local hardware store
> which is either an ACE store or is unaffiliated (can't remember which)
> had a reasonable selection of metric hardware including grade 8.8 bolts.
> Since even my one "American" vehicle (Ford Ranger) has metric
> parts, this is a good thing.   Now if I can only find a local source
> for the small-head hex bolts on my Kawasaki...

Any industrial supply shop should be able to get the small socket-head cap
screws you're looking for. I have some nice little round head stainless ones
holding the fairing of my Kawasaki on. Looks cool.
I got them at Brafasco, no idea if they exist in the US, but look under
Fasteners in your yellow pages, there's bound to be something. 
A bonus is sometimes if you only need one or two they just say "take 'em", not
worth writing up a bill. Unfortunately if you need five or six, there's usually
a $10 minimum charge, depends on the mood of the guy behind the counter.

Burl Vibert
Kingston, Ontario

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