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Re: telephone in the shop?

Subject: Re: telephone in the shop?
From: Richard Beels <>
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 00:58:00 -0500
You only need two.  The inside two.  Usually red and green - outside pair 
are yellow and black.  Hook the inner 2 wires up.  Does phone work?  If 
yes, great.  If not, swap the wires.  It will work then.

At 00:19 2/14/2000 ,  Phil Ethier was inspired to say:

>OK, so I hung the telephone up in the shop.  I have several low-voltage
>wires buried from the house.  I need to hook some of them up for telephone.
>I seem to recall that you only need two wires to run a telephone.  Trouble
>is, I can't remember which two wires!
>Lets see, the four wires on a standard phone are for:
>Of course I don't remember which function is on which color wire.
>Can you all help me out here?
>Phil Ethier    Saint Paul  Minnesota  USA
>1970 Lotus Europa, 1992 Saturn SL2, 1986 Chev Suburban


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