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Re: telephone in the shop?

Subject: Re: telephone in the shop?
From: Brian Borgstede <>
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 10:00:00 -0600
I knew I would be able to use this education for

The red and green wires are the TIP and RING.
This has nothing to do with ringing the bell, but rather
the plug that the switchboard oporator used.
Radio Shack calls a 1/4" plug a "Phone" plug.
The plug has a "Tip" a "Ring" and a "Sleeve".
if I remember correctly, the sleeve is ground.
The tip and ring carry the signal.
The yellow wire I THINK is the bell on older phones.
(modern "Tweety" phones get the ringer off of the tip and ring)
The black wire I THINK is ground.

Anyway, For a modern phone all you need is the red and green wires.

I knew those expensive classes would come in handy.


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