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Re: telephone in the shop?

To: <>
Subject: Re: telephone in the shop?
From: Randall <>
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 08:46:16 -0800
John :

99% of the phones in use today have internal rectifiers so they work
fine with reversed polarity.  Which is good, since probably 25% of the
phone jacks are wired wrong, and there's also a fairly high percentage
of people using the wrong patch cords. (Computer RJ-11 patch cords are
wired straight-thru, instead of having tip & ring reversed like a
telephone patch cord.)

Randall wrote:
> Inch,
> I disagree with "it doesn't matter" .  One of the wires is called the 'tip'
> wire and the other is the 'ring'

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