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Re: telephone in the shop?

To: Shop-Talk Maillist <>
Subject: Re: telephone in the shop?
From: Jim Ferguson <>
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 20:13:58 -0500

Mark Miller wrote:

> And you guys talk about overkill.  I laugh.  Ha.
> When the walls were opened at my house for some remodeling I dropped the
> requisite 2 CAT 5 runs to each room that I could access as well as an empty
> conduit.  I used Carlon 1/2" flex - the blue corrugated stuff.  About 20
> cents a foot.
> So I can add CAT 34 cable once it is invented, or fiber, or CATV cable, or
> never use it.  I'd bet on the last option.
> Mark Miller

I have been running CAT 6 in my house.  My neighbor has lots of it--he has a
buddy that works for Comm/Scope.


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