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Re: Turning brake rotor

To: "Peter J. Thomas" <>,
Subject: Re: Turning brake rotor
From: "Elton Clark" <>
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 21:44:36 -0600

> Is there any way to turn a brake rotor at home?  I don't have any
> specific metal working tools, but I do have some wood working and home
> repair tools, drill press, bench and angle grinder, sliding table, etc.

I'd find some other way to economize . . . a drum or rotor lathe has to be a
pretty hefty piece of gear to attain the accuracy required. . . you need to
machine BOTH sides of the rotor  at the same time to keep the surfaces
parallel.  I betcha  can find someone local who'll do them for about $4 or
$5 each.  Also, you don't HAVE to turn rotors unless they need it!  Don't
sweat light grooving . . that gives more braking area!  :-)   Do eliminate
any warp or "runout"  . . .you will have felt a pulsating pedal at slow
speed . . but don't cut them under manufacturers tolerance thickness . . .If
they are too thin, it's time to buy new or better rotors.


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