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Re: Turning brake rotor

To: Elton Clark <>
Subject: Re: Turning brake rotor
From: "Peter J. Thomas" <>
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000 23:28:13 -0500
Elton Clark wrote:

> Phil Ether harumps:
> > After I wrote this, I see that Mr. Clark reposted a  more complete
> version, which made >some of the same points I did, so I hope this does not
> look to argumentative in retrospect.
> Phil  Augumentative?    Never!!!!!!!!     :-)    My notes  (computer
> stutters sometimes) were written BEFORE Phil's note hit my machine and it
> was an attempt to answer Peter's query only.   Peter has only a drill press
> and a disc grinder!  I doubt Peter wants to embark on a machinist education
> or the purchase of a large lathe.

Peter, that's me, would love to learn machining, but you are right, I can't
afford purchasing a large lathe (or small one).

> I think most will agree that Peter would best be served by having his
> rotors/drums turned only if turning is indicated and then on proper
> equipment.   Equipment specifically designed to preclude the very defects
> Phil illustrates.   The service is very economically and univerally
> available.

Some more background, the wife reported grinding in the brakes.  Half of one
surface was scored but not deep.  I might have just installed new pads, or have
the rotor turned.  We had this one turned before because it was slightly
warped.  There was a little hint of warping before the grinding.  Turning would
have weakened the rotors.  The cost of a new rotor was $19 and turning service
was $15 (search could  have located a less expensive shop).  The $4 dollars was
worth not waiting.

After advice from this group, I will never have rotors turned again.  Thanks to

Peter Thomas

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