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RE: Router table/saw extension.

Subject: RE: Router table/saw extension.
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 16:18:55 -0500
Ok, I've been following this and here is what I was wondering...

First off, I have a craftsman shaper table.  The smaller, benchtop unit. 
Now, at the wood show last month, I saw a GREAT fence system that was as 
accurate as you could want.  They made the system so it went on a table 
saw (and router table combo).  I was thinking, "this is expensive, but it 
is the way to go."

Now, I'm about ready to buy a new table saw anyway.  So I was thinking to 
get a table saw and throwing away the fence, mounting the shaper table to 
the saw and getting one of these fence systems.

Any ideas on the following?

1-What table saw should I get? (<$1000)
2-Any ideas for mounting the shaper table just like a router?
3-Does anyone have any ideas on way this type of combo isn't a good idea?

Thanks in advance.


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