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RE: Router table/saw extension.

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Subject: RE: Router table/saw extension.
From: "Steve Dillen/CanWest/IBM" <>
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 12:14:02 -0800
As they say, been there, done that, have the t-shirt to prove it. . .

I have a craftsman table saw, with cast iron table extensions.  I decided
to extended the left side of my table as a router table.  I first bolted a
1x2 to the end of the table (flush with the top of the table), then from
underneath attached two 30" 2x6s (about 12" apart) to this.  These 2x6
'forks' are the 'foundation' for my router table -- they extend under the
saw table, therefore ensuring that the router table remains 'true' with the
saw.  On top of these 2x6 'forks', I built a 1x2 support frame, and on top
of this have a 3/4" MDF table.  This results in the MDF being flush with
the top of my saw table.  I chose MDF based largely on Pat Warner's
recommendation in 'How to get the very best out of your router' (see -- MDF is very flat and is cheap, so when it wears out I
simply turn the table over, or replace it.  After about a month of using
this table about every day, I'm very happy with this extension.

I had the same line of thought you have about using a table saw fence as a
dual-purpose router fence.  I built (what I think is) a great router fence
which I could c-clamp to the saw fence.  After using this for a month, I
now have about two words regarding using the table saw fence as a router
table fence.  It Sucks.  Sure, you can lock the fence in place, and it's
square to your saw blade, however that's not what I've found that I need
for a router fence.  With a router, I don't really care how 'square' the
fence is -- instead, I care about about how fine of adjustment it has.  I
find that with the table saw fence about 1/16" is about all the accuracy I
can expect to get -- and I have to work hard to get that.  For the router,
you need to be able to make very small and accurate incremental adjustments
(probably using the RCH as the unit of measurement).   In addition, if I'm
working with long material, I'd like to be able to use the entire saw table
to support it -- not possible  if the saw fence is in the way.  Needless to
say, a revised fence system is in the works. . .

Steve Dillen

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