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modern paint, old car

Subject: modern paint, old car
From: Fred Zampa <>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 12:20:47 -0500
  i plan to paint several of my cars this summer.  while i have managed to
get by in the past, the problem of what paint to use on old cars has finally
caught up with me.    lacquer is no longer readily available and is very
prone to cracking anyway. it also is likely to lift the paint below it no
matter how much sealer you use. to be honest, i never have liked the stuff. 

    straight enamel is still around but current formulations have
deteriorated in quality to the point of becoming useless for car
restorations .  it just won't hold a shine anymore.  the finish is good for
maybe a year in the georgia sun.   acrylic enamel is better ---but just a
has anyone had better luck ?

  basecoat/clearcoat  works o.k. and is the standard for body shops now.
but, is this appropriate for an old car ??  
   i have yet to spend the money to try polyurethane paints. i assume these
are similar to imron- which i also have never tried.    how is this stuff ? 

   is there a better way ? 

  fred zampa , macon ga.

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