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Re: Lifts - shipping?

To: Wayne Farrington <>,
Subject: Re: Lifts - shipping?
From: Bob Hare <>
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 21:16:12 -0700 (PDT)
--- Wayne Farrington <> wrote:
> So, the next question I have is about shipping one
> of these lifts. They of
> course ship by freight truck which presents a
> problem for my location. I have
> no means to unload something like this and for that
> matter a freight truck is
> not going to fit down my private road. What I would
> like to do is pick the
> lift up maybe at the freight terminal? 

I concur, use a local towing company with a roll-back
trailer.  A friend had his 4 post lift delivered that
way, and the whole process went smoothly. He had the
lift set in front of his garage, we unpacked it
outside, and carried the parts into the garage for
assembly.  Get LOTS of friends to help!  It is amazing
how many new friends you will have when the lift is
set up!


Bob Hare (eBay id: rhare34)
Virginia Beach, Va.
1934 Ford Streetrod Pick Up
1966 Econoline Pick Up,
2000 Taurus
1956 Clausing 12 X 36 metal lathe

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