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RE: Lifts - shipping?

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Subject: RE: Lifts - shipping?
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Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 15:16:20 -0500
The lift will probably be delivered in an enclosed truck to the terminal
where it will be unloaded and stored for you to pick it up.  Due to the
length of the lift, they will probably pick up one end of the lift with the
forklift and drag it off the truck.  In order for a forklift to pick up the
entire package, they would need one with long enough arms to fit inside the
lift package from the end and pick up the long package, much as a forklift
picks up a roll of needs a long boom to handle the length/load.

You might check with the trucking company in advance to see what kind of
loading facilities they have.  Some have a ramp where they can bring the
lift down to ground level and set it on your trailer.  This would be easier
than starting at dock height.

You might also be able to put a chain around one end of the package and loop
it around the boom of the forklift to set it in the trailer from either
ground level or dock height...but you better bring your own chain based on
my experience with the local truck companies.


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Subject: Re: Lifts - shipping?

That would be helpful Inch if you don't mind. Unfortunately I don't have a
forklift or other "unloading" implement, and as Gila and Inch point out this
thing is long, heavy and unwieldy. The supplier says they offer a "lift
gate" option on the freight truck but that is probably not going to help
with a package of this length.

Do these things get delivered on a flat bed or enclosed trailer? If they
come in an enclosed trailer they must be forkliftable from the end even
though they are 20' long? I suppose I could rent a forklift. Might need to
be the rough terrain type though as I would be operating on gravel. The
problem of even getting a freight truck into my very shallow driveway off a
single lane road that has a row of trees on the opposite side remains
however. I have enough trouble maneuvering my 24' travel trailer in this
space w/ my ext cab pickup.

I'm confident if I could just get the package onto my car trailer I could
safely unload and erect the thing once in my shop. The problem is getting it
on the car trailer of course. Most of the freight terminals I've seen are
mostly dock high load/unload. I can't imagine they would be to thrilled with
using a forklift to unload a ~20' long package from an enclosed trailer.
Then snake the thing through their building and out a grade level door to my
trailer. Where it would need to be set on the trailer from the end of the
package to clear the wheels/fenders.

I still need to give the supplier a call. There has to be a way to do this.
I can't be the only one in this type of situation.


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