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Re: [Shop-talk] led tubes and short memory

Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] led tubes and short memory
From: Donald H Locker <>
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[I'd intended to reply to the list and clicked the wrong button. Here it
is again, Bob.]

If you have "tombstones" (the end fittings into which the tubes are
plugged) that are for two-prongs (called "bi-pin") you'll have to get
the bi-pin tubes to fit. The single-post tombstones are completely
different, as are the tubes.

Be aware that T12 (1.5in diameter tubes) and most T8 (1.0in diameter
tubes) commonly use "medium bi-pin" spacing, while T5 and _some_ T8 use
a closer spacing. Best to measure the spacing on you fluorescent tubes
before committing to a pile of LED tubes.


On 2022-01-11 11:44 a.m., Bob Spidell wrote:
> I thought I had it figured out, but what's the difference in designation
> between older tubes with 2 small prongs on one end, and the newer style
> with one fat prong? It seems they're both called 'TX,' with 'X' being 8,
> 12, etc.
> vs.
> On 1/11/2022 4:57 AM, old dirtbeard wrote:
>> The primary advantage of converting an existing fluorescent fixture to
>> LED is that it is already there, wired, has the sockets, etc.
>> I converted all of the 8' fluorescent lights in my garage years ago
>> from magnetic ballast to electronic ballast and it was a good
>> investment for me at the time (used less power, lights started faster,
>> there was less flicker, less noise, worked better in the cold, erc.).
>> A couple years ago I converted all of them again to LED bulbs by just
>> removing the electronic ballasts and inserting 8' LED bulbs for all
>> the reasons previously stated. I gave all of the electronic ballasts
>> to a friend who was still using fluorescent 8' tubes with magnetic
>> ballasts. These are the bulbs I used and I am completely satisfied
>> with them:
>> <>
>> You do not need to remove the ballast, just wire the sockets directly
>> to the 110VAC lines. It could not be easier.
>> Here are 4' LED bulbs that I used for some other locations around the
>> house in the existing fluorescent sockets for the same reasons:
>> <>
>> Again, the primary reason for using the replacement LEDs is that you
>> only have to change the bulbs and bypass the ballast. It is really
>> easy to do and the technology is the same. You are just reusing the
>> existing mounts.
>> If I were starting fresh, from scratch, yes, I would just use the
>> direct mount LEDs that Mark is advocating. There is no need for the
>> reflectors as the LED lights do not emit 360 degree light, they can be
>> purchased in 90 degree or 120 degree spread if you desire.
>> best,
>> doug


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