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Re: Ammeter

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Subject: Re: Ammeter
From: Barry Schwartz <bschwart@pacbell.net>
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 09:16:54 -0700
>  I agree with Pat as well.  I have also read that a voltmeter detects
>problems within  the electrical system faster than an ammeter.  Plus it is
>real easy to find an early to mid eighties jag at a junk yard with the smiths
>guage on there.  Volmeter that is.  
As usual with opinions, they vary!  I have to disagree, having had both in
my car.  This is not a Flame or endorsement, just a difference of opinion.
I find it much more informative to see the charge discharge cycle,
especially at a glance, than to try to figure if the gauge is reading 13,14
15 -ect.  Especially with the rather vague indications on the gauge itself.
 Now if it was digital- 

Barry Schwartz (San Diego) bschwart@pacbell.net

72 V6 Spitfire (daily driver)
70 GT6+ (when I don't drive the Spit)
70 Spitfire 

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