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I saw it!!!

To: spitfires@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: I saw it!!!
From: Brian Furgalus <mowog@usa.net>
Date: 29 Dec 98 16:36:09 EST
Well, I went and saw the '80 today.  What a sad story.  The owner (1.5 years)
bought the car white!  The ORIGINAL PAINT!!  He said the car was clean, and
the paint was good, but he liked red more, so he had a half-a**ed paintjob
done on it, and that ruined the car.  Overall the finish was good, but the
masking job was below par, and I wasn't too happy about the color change.  The
engine DID have a DCOE!  I was very surprised.  It ran quite good, and shifted
ok.  The differential did make a shriek/hine on decel with clutch disengaged. 
Is that normal?  I've heard that these things do make noise, but that seemed
excessive!  The car was truly rust-free (from what I could see) and did have a
factory steel hardtop, also painted red.  The top was shot, and the windshield
had a crack in it.  All sorts of evaporative loss hoses were removed, and one
was even plugged with a spark plug!  The guy really ruined a nice car, though,
by painting it red.  He was only the second owner.  Oh well, there are

Brian Furgalus

(I'll be seeing that '75 soon enough!)

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