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150 CD's

To: "Spit list" <spitfires@triumph.cs.utah.edu>
Subject: 150 CD's
From: "Craig" <smi2685@ibm.net>
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 09:03:06 -0500
Thanks very much for the response back on my carb.

I got an e-mail that was just what I needed.

It wasn't a fix but a request for the detail on what I had done.  It's one
of those things about the Forest for the Tree thing.  After I actually
walked through all of my effort and put it down I realized my mistake !
But the best thing is ,,,,,IT RUNS.

I need to check  a couple of settings but a 1971 MARK IV that has not burned
a bit of gas in over 12 years is a living breathing machine again.  Can you
tell I'm proud?

Oh...the wife didn't care to much for the original start up. I have the
chrome headers from VB  and nothing else.
Boy it sounded good.....

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