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RE: Steering Wheel Alignment Question

To: "'Mike Chmura'" <m.chmura@umassp.edu>, <CraigS@iewc.com>,
Subject: RE: Steering Wheel Alignment Question
From: <rtgetzinger@scif.com>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 12:45:20 PST
I would suggest you make sure that the steering lock is working properly at 
the same time. If you adjust the column where it attaches at the steering box 
you may get the lock to have to be engaged only when wheels are turned. If 
the suspension is ok and it doesn't need an alignment then wheels straight 
ahead as possible (I'd drive in a straight line and come to a stop then 
disassemble where she lay), remove the horn button, nut, and pull the 
steering wheel off the splines. Adjust the wheel to the desired levelness, 
insert, and reversal of removal. Unless you are way out of alignment, 
aligning shouldn't too radically affect the steering wheel, but as good 
measure have the alignment done first.

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