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Re: RE: Steering Wheel Alignment Question

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Subject: Re: RE: Steering Wheel Alignment Question
From: "Nolan Penney" <npenney@mde.state.md.us>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 06:29:45 -0500
I didn't say it'd be quicker one way, just that it could be tighter.  If the
rack is off center, there will be less throw one way then the other
when turning the steering wheel lock to lock.  

>>> Richard Gosling <richard.gosling@exprogroup.com> 11/21 4:11 AM >>>
Following on from what Nolan said, if the guy doing your alignment is
half-way competant, they should fit a device that locks the steering wheel
exactly level before they start, then they will adjust both track-rods to
get the wheels straight ahead.  I would agree that the most likely cause is
a lazy mechanic adjusting just one track-rod, or a DPO adjusting the
tracking at home.

However, I would disagree that a dodgy set-up could lead to the steering
being quicker in one direction than the other, unless there was serious
damage to a front suspension upright.  A certain number of degrees of
steering wheel turn will always move the rack the same distance to the left
or right, regardless of whether the rack is centred or not.  The steering is
quicker towards the end of the movement, but that will always occur after x"
of rack movement from the straight ahead, regardless of where the rack

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