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Re:Adjusting SU carbs

To: Douglas Braun <doug@dougbraun.com>, Howard Baugues
Subject: Re:Adjusting SU carbs
From: Dan Canaan <flinters@picarefy.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 05:24:08 -0700
At 06:24 AM 9/11/02 -0400, Douglas Braun wrote:
>I have heard that pure copper an react with something in gasoline, so it 
>is not such a good idea.
>Also, it is sort of weak.

Copper is a perfectly fine material for fuel lines (has been in use for 
decades on some models), but it is more expensive than steel lines to 
manufacture so it isn't seen in use as much.  It is also much easier to 
damage/bend which isn't always the best thing for an engine compartment.

Where it does shine though is trying out new fuel line routings.  Try 
different arrangements to see if this or that way works better for you, and 
once you finalize your design, you can duplicated it in steel for the 
permanent replacement.

-Vegaman Dan
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