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RE: New lister, bought Spitfire, now questions...

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Subject: RE: New lister, bought Spitfire, now questions...
From: Michael Hargreave Mawson <OC@46thFoot.com>
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 06:50:28 +0000
Dear All,

I think this was intended for the list, and not for me:

On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, at around 19:06:53 local time, Daniel Parrott 
<parrotthead01@comcast.net> wrote:
>It looks like you need a new water pump.  Take care of it soon, as it will
>only get worse (ask me how do I know...)
>You got a good deal.  I bought a similar 1980 Spit for $1500, and put at
>least $10,000 into it with a new paint job ($3,500), overhauled engine
>($2,500), new brakes ($300), suspension (front and rear) ($500), a new
>interior ($1,000), plus another $2,000 for a new Weber, new Monza exhaust
>system, stereo and other bits.
>But don't despair!  This is just the start, my friend, of a very enjoyable
>journey.  And welcome to the club!
>Dan Parrott
>Savannah, Ga
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>Subject: Re: New lister, bought Spitfire, now questions...
>On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, at around 12:14:35 local time,
>Robert.Haigney@anixter.com wrote:
>>I bought it, Saturday afternoon, went and looked at the 78 Spitfire, thanks
>>everyone for  responding on what to look for, it was a big help.
>>Checked the car over, no rust...!!!!  well actually there are two very,
>>very light patches of surface rust on one of the fenders, some cracked
>>paint, but that was it, thank California weather for that one.   Hard top
>>is in great condition, that will be great help for the Nevada winters.  Car
>>also has Overdrive, that works....woooo hoooo, shifts smoothly, the guy I
>>bought it from also delivered it, this has to be the best $400 I've ever
>FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS?!   J*s*s Chr*st Alm*ghty - the *bonnet* is worth
>more than that!
>>Problems I did find were as follows....
>>Car runs rich, it's not using the original fuel pump it has an electronic
>>one installed, could this be the problem, could it be pushing too much fuel
>>to the carb,
>Very possibly.
>> or should I look at the carb first (adjustment, etc.)...???
>"90% of carburettor problems are electrical".   Make that 99% when
>you've an electronic fuel pump.
>>Car needs three or four attempts before starting.
>>One rear shock is bad, so I'm going to replace both rear shocks, no big
>>problem there.
>No big deal.
>>The water pump has a small hole, It looks like a bleeder hole, after about
>>10 - 15 mins of running the car, some radiator fluid starts to leak from
>>this hole, I take it this isn't normal, where do I start to trouble shoot
>Dunno - never come across this before.
>>Speedo and rev counter both don't work, I take it they run on the same
>Sadly, no. :-(
>> I haven't looked it up in the book yet, but that doesn't seem to be
>>too much of a problem.
>Chances are that the speedo cable has just come disconnected at the back
>of the gauge.   Next most likely is a snapped cable.   My rev counter
>has never failed (about the only thing on the car that hasn't...), so
>I've no experience here, and no suggestions to offer.   Sorry.
>>Signal arm needs to be replaced, it's missing the end.
>Ahhhh.   Everyone say "Ahhhh".... <g>
>>And that's about it, a couple of cosmetic parts and I'm looking good and
>>driving strong, then I have the hassle of registering it in a new
>>Any advice, tips help etc. is greatly appreciated.
>No specific advice or tips at present - just EXTREME envy!
>Ellie  - 1963 White Herald 1200 Convertible GA125624 CV
>Connie - 1968 Conifer Herald 1200 Saloon GA237511 DL
>Carly  - 1977 Inca Yellow Spitfire 1500 FH105671

Michael Hargreave Mawson, author of "Eyewitness in the Crimea"

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