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Clutch kit

To: "'spitfires@autox.team.net'" <spitfires@autox.team.net>
Subject: Clutch kit
From: "Pettis, Ward (NIH/NIDCD)" <pettisw@ms.nidcd.nih.gov>
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2003 15:05:02 -0500
The clutch kit that I'm using in my 1500 is from my order with Victoria
British two years ago.  Although, I've just started driving the car, the
clutch appears to be fine.  I've been ordering most of my parts from
Spitbits lately.  The quality of the parts from various vendors appears to
be the same.  Someone else would have to speak for the higher priced
Borg/Beck kit.  Don't forget to get the alignment tool, it'll be a big help
while putting the transmission and engine together.
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 23:32:30 -0600

From: "chip kigar" ckigar@sound.net <mailto:ckigar@sound.net> 

Subject: I am shopping for a clutch kit...

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