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Re: Clutch replace

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Subject: Re: Clutch replace
From: Robert Duquette <RobertDuquette@compuserve.com>
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1998 21:58:10 -0400
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Message text written by "David Ramsey"
>Hey i agree, I would never buy a mexican spridet either.  You know I would
not worry about the specs if you have a good and honest machine shop they
will know and if they say to replace it you won't be buying it from them so
what would be their advantage to lie about it.  I told you to slap it back
in but as long as its out and the flywheel is off why not get the long
block done, might as well do the carbs at the same time,and you wouldn't
want to use that old starter and generator would you?  Wouldn't now be the
best time to repaint the engine compartment, and if your going to paint
that what about the rest of the car at the same time.  Hey if your going
that far might as well do a ground up don't you think?

The leg became good enough to stand on by late in the day and I thought
that I might attempt an install, but got cleaning various things on the way
there and I did detach a few other parts so that I could repaint around the
battery and those front plates on either side of the rad ... and maybe the
rad.  The generator is recently rebuilt, as are the carbs, ... but the
starter needs paint ... and the block could use a touch of paint.

The flywheel isn't exactly out, but I've got to return the boom tomorrow am
and my wife is off on business for two days and then a wedding on the
weekend and forget about doing anything on a weeknight anyway ...  

I blame the dog! 

'65 Sprite

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