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Re: Clutch replace

To: Robert Duquette <RobertDuquette@compuserve.com>
Subject: Re: Clutch replace
From: Wayne Lowry <hotwheels@longviewtx.net>
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 1998 01:15:05 -0500
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When I started this thread about replacing the clutch in my 60 Bugeye I was
ready to start......Then life showed up!! Since the clutch went many things
have happened to delay even starting. In addition to work and sleep I have also
lost the tranny in my 72 Torino(LOVE that sound) Broke the windshield in my
mustang, which also started making a funny shifting noise a little before the
check engine light came on. Someone also broke into my house and stole HALF of
my sectional sofa!!?? Sold the spitfire..Rolled the Datsun Roadster..Lightning
blew up my T.V...Labor day of non laboring and football season started.
Thinking seriously about renting a small storage building for me and my Bugeye.
Might have to change my name......Hmmmm...Maybe this weekend I can do the
clutch!! Wait!!! Just got a call from a guy who knows a guy who thinks he saw a
bugeye behind some guys chickenhouse only 130 miles from here..might go check
it out instead!
Sorry for the rambling on, but the good folks on the list are about the only
ones who don't laugh when you tell them that your Bugeye gets priority over
football, tv,check engine light and the little bitty crack in the windshield. I
am still trying to find a good supplier for the clutch parts. Any suggestions?
Bruce Lowry
60 Bugeye Cosmo

Robert Duquette wrote:

> Message text written by INTERNET:kturk@ala.net
> >Hell you pick I have found my self in that same predicament..both answers
> are right but putting it back together without resurfacing the flywheel
> means you will know it isn't right... and if you can live with it then what
> the hell long as it works.. and it should work just fine... maybe not as
> stellar as say a resurfaced flywheel but lots cheaper and easier for right
> this second... less the local machine shop is open on labor day week end...
> Keith Turk BN2, BJ8, AN5,AN9<
> I've been sidelined and so the weekend project has gotten extended, giving
> me some extra time to clean some other things up.  Now then, what kind of
> problems am I going to run into with the flywheel?  I've been warned of the
> dowels (if they are there), but my main concern is the thickness that I am
> allowed to go down to before a replacement is needed.  Specs?
> Robert
> '65  Sprite

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