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Re[3]: Dip stick spacer.

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Subject: Re[3]: Dip stick spacer.
From: Dave_Vrba@mail.sel.sony.com (Dave Vrba)
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 12:30:59 -0500
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     Is that with a new filter or not?  Did you run the engine to get the 
     oil at operating temp and then drain?  Curious....
     62 Sprite MKII

Subject: Re[2]: Dip stick spacer.
Author:  Peter C <nosimport@mailbag.com> at SONYCOM
Date:    1/6/99 2:21 PM

Please don't shoot me, but what I did when faced with this dilemma was pour 
in exactly the amount of oil specified in the capacities section of your 
favorite manual, let it sit (drain down) for a while, then put the dipstick 
in till it reads full and mark that spot. Then put on the washer as Frank C 
suggests. (I always used an old coil wire boot myself)
Peter C
At 10:57 AM 1/6/99 -0500, Dave Vrba wrote:
>     On my 1275, the dip stick hits the bottom of the pan with a "clunk" 
>     when inserted.  Is this too deep of penetration thus reading higher 
>     oil level than really there is????  What's the proper depth??
>     Dave
>     '62 MKII Sprite
>     1275 - weber
>     Dublin, CA
>Subject: Re: Dip stick spacer.
>Author:  Ulix Goettsch <ulix@u.washington.edu> at SONYCOM 
>Date:    1/4/99 3:32 PM
>Hmmm, does this spacer raise the dip stick out of the tube?!
>This would explain why I lose oil pressure when brakling hard - I am 
>running too little oil because my dip stick sits too low!
>Frank, could you clarify?
>On Mon, 4 Jan 1999, Frank Clarici wrote: 
>> Noel, William M wrote:
>> .  Seems I recall reading that
>> > there is a felt/wool spacer that fits around the dipstick and seals the 
>> > tube.  Is this correct?
>> > 
>> > I have looked at the catalogs that I have and don't see a part like 
>> I can only speak for 1275s here.
>> The dipsticks did have a thin rubber pad. They are about 3/16" thick.
>> An assortment of plumbing faucet washers will provide something useable. 
>> (not Concours or original but for less then a buck you can buy package 
>> of them.) If you have a friendly hardware store nearby, ask them if you 
>> can pick one out of their bin. It should only cost about a dime or so. 
>> Take the dipstick with you, it needs to fit tight enough so it will not 
>> fall off when you check the oil. Get the flat kind not the cone shaped 
>> faucet washers.
>> Good luck 
>> Frank Clarici
>> Toms River, NJ
>> Lots of LBCs
>> http://www.exit109.com/~spritenut 
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