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Re: Dip stick spacer.

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Subject: Re: Dip stick spacer.
From: Bob Spruck <bspruck@mindspring.com>
Date: Thu, 07 Jan 1999 11:16:40 -0500
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At 03:03 PM 1/4/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Just inserted the dipstick tube into my '72 Midget 1275.  The dipstick is
>till loose and rattles around in the tube.  Seems I recall reading that
>there is a felt/wool spacer that fits around the dipstick and seals the
>tube.  Is this correct?
>I have looked at the catalogs that I have and don't see a part like the
>spacer?  Is spacer/seal required?  Won't oil be pushed from tube if no
>spacer is present.  I drove car approximately 20 miles without tube last
>Oct, and I don't recall any excess oil on the engine.
>Suggestions as where to get or jury-rig spacer?  Thanks for help in advance.
>BTW, I am getting really excited, have had the Midget for over a year but
>have only been putting time in on it since August.  I am almost ready to
>start the engine after tranny rebuilt, new clutch, wiring harness.  Had
>hoped for a New Year's engine start up, but too cold in Ohio for any garage
>time so still holding; and dreaming of those heated garages.
>Bill Noel
>phone (614)424-4917 
>fax (614)424-3152
Most of us Spridget vintage races fix a spring to the dipstick to prevent
it from leaking oil or vibrating out. Mine came from the Pep Boys line.
They usually have a drawer full of various sizes, etc. Mine is really a
spring for a washing machine lid. I opened the hook enough to easily fit
into the finger loop on the dipstick and attached a small sheetmetal plate
to the closest oil pan bolt. This plate has a small hole for the hook on
the other end of the spring. The length of the spring determines the amount
of force you need to hold the dipstick in but at the same time be able to
unhook the spring from the dipstick when you want to check the oil level. I
also slid an old distributor cap wire cap over the dipstick such that it
fits over the tube when the dipstick is under compression from the spring.
Because of the cap, I don't have a spacer distorting the oil level reading.
This arrangement solved all my problems and concerns. Should work for you, too.

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