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Re: Storing and Cataloging

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Subject: Re: Storing and Cataloging
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> David,
> A good start is to get sturdy boxes that are all the same size and
catalogue what
> is contained in each box.
> Make 2 copies of the contents of contents of each box. Attach one copy to
the box
> and keep the others together for quick reference.
> Boxes that are the same size can be easily and safely stacked. You can
> such boxes from a moving company, or even for free from someone who has
> completed a move, or you can purchase "file boxes" from an office supply
> If you purchase "file boxes" make sure that you buy the heavy duty ones.
> Regardless of how parts are stored, used parts are best stored completely
> degreased. And obviously larger parts cannot be stored in boxes.

UK experience is that the best cheap boxes are the ones from supermarkets
that are used to transport bananas.  They are sturdy, waterproofed(!) and
usually a specific size for transportation purposes.  My parents emptied a 5
bed house into boxes and filled a 2 car garage.  They survived the stacking
for over a year without deterioration of the contents, through a British
winter.  I leave stuff all greasy, but then again it is soooooo much wetter
over here!

My 0.02 Euros

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