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Re: Storing and Cataloging

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Subject: Re: Storing and Cataloging
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 15:04:27 -0700 (PDT)
I thrive on disorganization. Besides it's a lot more fun 'tearing your hair 
trying to find a  'I'm positive I had one of those' part. Why just the other 
I came across an extra piston I didn't know I had....
Hummmm,  do you supposed that's why I had  'low compression' on the #2 cylinder 
last time I did a compressions check ;-)

 - Bryan
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>Subject: Re: Storing and Cataloging
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>When I was doing this seriously, I would use similar boxes (my favorite are 
>file storage boxes w/ removable lids) and label each one with the parts 
>manual page that the contents could be found in. hen I look up what I want 
>in the parts book, then take the page or section and get that number box out.
>         Peter C
>At 04:08 PM 7/17/2000, Bryan Vandiver wrote:
>>I use the same exact system....
>>Every time I go through my boxes, it's like a treasure hunt. I'm always 
>>across parts that make me go 'wow, I didn't know I had that', but of 
>>course, I
>>never find the part I happen to looking for at the time;-)
>>  - Bryan Vandiver
>>  San Jose
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>> >Subject: Re: Storing and Cataloging
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>> >Try my system.  Put them in un labeled boxes (two categories, greasy
>> >parts and clean parts) in the living room, dining room and guest
>> >bedroom.  Then when you have a need for one of the parts you already
>> >have, just accept that you will never find it, avoid the stress, and
>> >place a quick call to one of the usual suspects and have it sent UPS
>> >air.  Seems to work for me.
>> >
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>> >>
>> >> << just sharing my boring day stocking my sprite shelves in my
>> >basement.  >>
>> >>
>> >> Speaking of stocking shelves--Anybody come up with an interesting,
>> >effective,
>> >> and/or unique way of storing all those new and/or used parts so you
>> >can find
>> >> them again?  Does it Involve labeling, unique ways of boxing, or
>> >even the
>> >> computer?
>> >>
>> >> --David C.
>> >>
>> >
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