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Re: Floating a VW

To: "William M. Gilroy" <wmgilroy@lucent.com>
Subject: Re: Floating a VW
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 12:19:05 -0400
Cc: "Spridgets" <spridgets@autox.team.net>
Never never ever will I follow you on a cruise to anywhere!!!!

With info like that you are hereby consigned to "Tail End Charlie" for 
the rest of your natural born days.


At this exact moment in time 7/20/00 12:05, wmgilroy@lucent.com made the 
profound statement:

>Ajhsys@aol.com wrote:
>> I knew that!  I used to own a '64 Beetle myself, and I tried to float it
>> once!  (Not on purpose.) 
>Years ago my buddy and I were traveling down a dirt road and came upon a 
>tree blocking the road.  I told my friend to go around the tree.  He pointed
>out the only way around was through the front yard of an abandoned house
>and there were some hedges blocking the way and view.  Boy genius, (that's 
>told him the hedges are not a problem if you have enough speed.  So he
>backs down the road and gets ready for the run.  His only concern was what
>might be behind the hedges.  I figured since it was front yard there would
>only be trees and since there were none taller then the hedges in view 
>it was not a problem, "Trust me" I said.  Sadly he did.  So he gets the
>VW up to about 30 MPH, since we did not want to get stuck and we left the
>road and plowed right through the hedges like a hot knife through butter.
>Once were in the front yard doing about 20 MPH imagine our surprise when we
>saw the large in the ground swimming pool.  Off the shallow end we went.
>We came to a stop in the deep end in about 5 feet of water.  Since the 
>VW had holes in the floor it sank quickly.  To make matters worst the pool
>was filled with about 5 feet of black water, leaves, and it had a really
>bad smell.  Oh yeah those holes just help shoot a massive stream of water
>all over the interior of the car and us.  Let me tell you old, black,
>stale pool water has a really bad taste.  We both got a mouth full since
>we hit the water screaming.  So we had to wade out and walk
>several miles to a phone to call a friend for a tow.  He want to know 
>why we needed him to bring a couple of 2x10s.  He laughed for a good 10 
>minutes when he saw our predicament.  I wonder just what kind of mental
>patient puts a pool in the front yard, don't they know the danger to young
>foolish children.  True story.
>Bill "Hey I have an idea, trust me" Gilroy

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