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Re: Camshafts

To: mgraziano@mindspring.com
Subject: Re: Camshafts
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 13:59:41 EDT
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The Kent TH5 has a power range from 2,200 - 7,000 rpm so with the cam 
advanced (I was wrong earlier) should pull down a bit lower.  However, if you 
consider the A-Series 276 cam has a power range from 1,500 - 7000 you can 
begin to imagine what the bottom end will feel like.

I don't have any comparative data for Piper cams but if you post the lift and 
duration specs I could see where it fits into the Kent range.  The reason I 
don't have Piper data is that their cams have a reputation for not wearing as 
well as Kent's and certainly what I have seen in the past they were not 
ground as well.  Of course I expect APT can put a Piper profile on any given 
cam blank.


In a message dated 06/10/00 18:09:45 GMT Daylight Time, 
mgraziano@mindspring.com writes:

<< My 1500 has the piper 285.  Very lumpy idle.  But I did combine it with 
head work, twin SUs, and headers (with Monza).  We advanced it (or was that 
retard) 4 degrees via a double chain vernier gear set, which brought the 
power range down to about 3K.  At 3K,  you can feel the power erupt.
 If I had the cash,  I would have had the cam and block ground for cam 

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