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Re: adventures in driving

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Subject: Re: adventures in driving
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 15:46:26 -0700
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I've had this happen often a couple of years ago.  I kept realigning the
door until I found that the problem was lack of lubrication!  I had had the
doors and door latches off the car and cleaned the latches really well so
that there was no grease in there at all.  As soon as I lubed the latch, it
stopped happening.  Of course my '67 has very different latches than your

But I think you might have to align the door or latch or lube it.


on 10/20/00 15:05, Patricia Sauthoff at Patricia.Sauthoff@blvdmedia.com

> Just a bit ago I was driving to work when I heard a loud noise.  Turned out
> my drivers side door had popped open for no apparent reason!  My leg was
> against the leather strap holding the door to the car, but I can't imagine
> that would have had any effect on the latch?  Any brilliant ideas from you
> brilliant people?  I suppose I could either take the doors off like a frat
> boy in a Wrangler, or weld the doors shut and pretend like I'm a racecar
> driver, <G> but I'd like a more realistic solution before going to extremes!
> I closed the door up just fine, going a cool 65ish, and it did stay shut,
> but I don't really like wondering if this is going to continue.  It did it
> one time before, so I'm thinking it was driver error!
> Thanks all
> Patricia 
> '59 Bugeye

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