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RE: panhard rod

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Subject: RE: panhard rod
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 13:19:47 -0500
I have the Winner's Circle (www.spridgets.com) 1/4 elliptic panhard rod on
my '61.

It attaches to the body through the trunk floor using several of the gas
tank mounting bolts (sandwiched betwen the tank and the floor) and several
holes that you drill outboard of the tank.

It is longer than the 1/2 elliptic rod (a good thing.)

On the axle it attaches to the opposite side to a hole drilled in the
upright that connects the axle housing to the spring.

You want to drill that hole so that the rod is level when the car is at
This is a minor pain to figure out because when you are under there the car
is on jackstands. If you put the cars weight on the wheels things get a
little cramped for drilling/fitting the bolt.

so, mark the location for the hole when the car's weight is onthe wheels and
then let the axle hang on the straps for clearance to drill it. The
attachment point is still a bit difficult to access but it can be done.

Keeping the rod level has benefits in not raising the roll center and has
another benefit I'm not real clear on. (jacking forces?) I took the advice
of a local chassis guru/autocrosser/former spridget owner on this.

Phil Vanner
'61 Midget
becoming a real car again...

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Subject: panhard rod

Hello all,
I was wondering if anyone out there had any information on a panhard rod for
an early midget with 1/4 eliptic springs.
I would like to fabricate (or buy) one but I need to know where & how they
on. I know some chevys have them & they bolt to the diff cover.
Any help will be MORE than appreciated
'61 midget

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