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RE: panhard rod

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Subject: RE: panhard rod
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 15:45:20 -0500
On the Winner's Circle rod, the big support is outboard of the exhaust on
1/4 elliptic cars. There's no rear spring attachment point in the way, so
they moved it out for extra bar length and to avoid fouling the exhaust. It
does NOT use the longitudinal gas tank mounting bolts on early cars, just
the ones running across the car. You have to drill your own mounting holes
for the longitudinal leg of the mounting bracket.  My exhaust has always run
under everything else.

This bar is spherical-jointed and adjustable, but be aware that the first
bar that WC sent me was left-hand threaded on both ends. Oops. They replaced
it, no questions asked; but I was scratching my head for a few minutes
tryting to figure out how I'd messed up the install before I realized that.


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And think hard about where your exhaust is going to run!  I put a Winners'
Circle unit on my '74.  Was able to squeek the exhaust in, but only by
the huge bracket on the drivers side.  Later on I replaced the springs.  Now
exhaust has to go UNDER everything and looks like poop.  By the way, springs
bushings did way more than the panhard rod, IMHO.

Geoff Branch
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----- Original Message ----- > >I was wondering if anyone out there had any
information on a panhard rod for
> >an early midget with 1/4 eliptic springs.
> >I would like to fabricate (or buy) one but I need to know where & how
> >on. I know some chevys have them & they bolt to the diff cover.
> >Any help will be MORE than appreciated
> >Alex
> >'61 midget

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