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RE: panhard rod

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Subject: RE: panhard rod
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 15:50:06 -0400
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Thread-topic: panhard rod

I ended up returning my Winner's Circle kit ('66 car, semi-elliptic) for
the reason you describe.  I ended up making my own - saved quite a few
bucks in the process.  

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|And think hard about where your exhaust is going to run!  I 
|put a Winners'
|Circle unit on my '74.  Was able to squeek the exhaust in, but 
|only by cutting
|the huge bracket on the drivers side.  Later on I replaced the 
|springs.  Now the
|exhaust has to go UNDER everything and looks like poop.  By 
|the way, springs and
|bushings did way more than the panhard rod, IMHO.
|Geoff Branch
|'74 Meejit "Yellow Peril"
|'72 Innocenti 1300 Mini
|----- Original Message ----- > >I was wondering if anyone out 
|there had any
|information on a panhard rod for
|> >an early midget with 1/4 eliptic springs.
|> >I would like to fabricate (or buy) one but I need to know 
|where & how they
|> >on. I know some chevys have them & they bolt to the diff cover.
|> >Any help will be MORE than appreciated
|> >Alex
|> >'61 midget

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